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In addition to the professional and personal experiences of our cooperative members, you can find articles on cooperative practices on our blog.




Working Code vs. Clean Code

Clean coding: Clean coding has recently become among the most popular threads of the software world. Well, it deserves to...
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It Seems That We Haven’t Come a Short Way

I was so excited. I had written an attentive open call email. It was the first time I had designed...
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Cooperatives in the Time of Pandemic

We are in the mids of a pandemic. We have suspended physical contacts. Production has stopped in several sectors in...
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Albatros Camp!

Dear friends, without boasting too much, we’d like to say that we had a camp. We came together face to...
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Albatros Diaries #1

As the Albatros Tech Cooperative Initiative, we want to share with you all of the major turning points of our...
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Albatros Diaries #0: Our Story

Towards the end of 2018, we came together as a group of IT specialists. We realized that the problems we...
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Radioalbatros Episode 1: Meet the Team

3...2...1... and we're on air!  With the dream of "Solidarity for Technology" and aiming to create a fair, equal and...
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