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In addition to the professional and personal experiences of our cooperative members, you can find articles on cooperative practices on our blog.




Albatros Diaries #1

Albatros Diaries #1

As the Albatros Tech Cooperative Initiative, we want to share with you all of the major turning points of our story, including the fun and challenging parts. That’s why we’re starting an online journal titled Albatros Diaries. This way, we’re hoping you will get to...


Radioalbatros Episode 1: Meet the Team

Radioalbatros Episode 1: Meet the Team

3...2...1... and we're on air!  With the dream of "Solidarity for Technology" and aiming to create a fair, equal and collective working environment, Albatros Tech Cooperative is uttering its first words. In the first episode of our podcast series "Radioalbatros", we,...

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